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Blazing Sarasota

The Chalk Festival in downtown Sarasota was today. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed artists working under such extreme conditions. If the only issue was crawling around the road on your knees or having the public at large hovering over you that would be enough. But it is still hot down here, especially hot on asphalt, and the possibility of just a wisp of the breeze was unrealistic with so many onlookers.  We enjoyed the event, then we headed over to Siesta Village for lunch, outside on a patio with the cool gulf air washing over us.

I get around…………..

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I am a big fan of old cars especially ’60’s and ’70’s muscle cars. I like to watch the Barrett-Jackson auction just to see what those old cars that I could buy for $300 sell for now. It’s amazing that the cars that we drove to high school are now selling in the 6 digits. I watched a ’70 Superbird, just like  a buddy of mine bought in Mojave, CA for 3 grand, sell for $140,000. Later that day, in Sarasota……………………………….

Charlottesville, North Carolina

Growing up in Richmond, I always heard people saying we were in the perfect location. I met people who deliberately moved there because of the proximity to the mountains, the beach, DC, etc. I, myself, was never attracted to the mountains, it feels closed in up there, like wearing blinders. For me, the more sky the better. Although Charlottesville is a fabulous town, at least I didn’t have to cross over a mountain to get to it.  Like so many others, I fell for the beaches. Years ago, I threw out an offer to the civil engineer gods, “if you put Charlottesville where Elizabeth City is, that’d be great, thanks !” Perhaps, I should have approached the Copy and Paste gods, that way the Piedmont of Virginia could keep the original.

It doesn’t matter now, we have discovered Sarasota. 

Off the leash.

When you cross over the Wright Brothers Memorial bridge in Currituck County, NC, you land in Kitty Hawk, more popularly known as part of the Outer Banks. Still hard for me to say “ow·tur·banks”,  growing up, it was all Nags Head. I still think that the guy who started those OBX stickers renamed it years earlier as part of his secret plan.

a  n  y  w  a  y

Patrick and I love all beaches, but you know what Owturbanks ? your new dog leash enforcement sucks. Not only do we have to beach under those laws (oh, I should mention that from here forward in this blog, beach can and will be used as a verb as needed) we have to endure all the stray people who feel the need to run over to you and warn you about the law and have some dramatic story about how some Europeans were playing on the beach with their dog, they could hardly speak english and were handed a $200 ticket without understanding what it was for.     Huh ?

So, we have found our solution, the dog beach in Sarasota County, where dogs are free to run over everyone’s beach towels, pee on any and all tote bags and poop in the water if they like and best of all they swim off their leash.

This is Luna’s new friend Skye. Skye loves to carry her mom’s water bottle. She’ll swim for it if you throw it, but mostly she just wants to hold it.


If there is an exception to every rule, then I need one for a definition. My definition of luck is “when preparation meets opportunity”. Well we really lucked out when we found Sarasota Sunny South, even though this RV park is in the middle of renovations. We wanted to be as close to Siesta Key as possible, we are a mere 2 miles away. Yum. The new clubhouse, laundry room, pool and bathrooms are beautiful. The new owner has a history of creating special properties in Sarasota and it’s awesome he’s chosen Sunny South for his next canvas. We love hearing all the stories. His professional and courteous staff are our newest friends.
So the exception is that we couldn’t have prepared to land in such a perfect location. But if using the RV app on our iphones counts as preparation, then I withdraw the exception request.