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Forked sauce

Our RV park, Sarasota Sunny South, has a dinner once a month for all the snowbirds. Tonight was barbecued ribs, baked beans, cole slaw and potato salad. We came here from Richmond Virginia, where I crave Buz and Ned’s barbecue. They were on the Food Network’s Bobby Flay’s Throwdown, for good reason. My mouth waters for that bbq, but I did something tonight that I have never done before. I ran out of ribs before I ran out of sauce, Patrick (very politely) reached to take my plate away from me, as if I was finished, quickly I grabbed my fork (egads, if only I had a spoon) I plunged it into the rest of my sauce and slurped away. Thanks Chef Tim, for giving me the secret ingredient. 

Clean laundry

If you visited the about page of my website, at some point , I admitted, “I don’t mind doing laundry because it’s quality time spent with my clothes.”

I can clarify this further now that I live in a camper.

I don’t mind doing laundry, when I have a washer and dryer, under the same roof that I sleep. And I’m pretty sure that when I said “time spent with my clothes” I did mean “time spent with my clean clothes.”

Even though the laundry room here at Sarasota Sunny South is the nicest one I’ve ever been in, I would still prefer to do laundry in our home.

When we were hunting for a fifth wheel, a washer hook up was not a priority. Well, now it is.

We are lucky we accidentally selected a camper that has them.

Thank goodness we have those hook ups. Now we just need to hook something up to them.

New cheese

It’s good to be back home, here at Sarasota Sunny South. Although we arrived to find cold weather (cold by definition here on the gulf coast of Florida does describe any temperature that causes one to wear long sleeves of any kind, and if it causes jeans, instead of shorts then it’s down right wintry). We’ll nest here in the camper until it passes. And I’ll make homemade mac and cheese. My newest ingredient is Gruyere cheese…o wow.