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Bacon and Sand

Hey, remember I couldn’t figure out why there is sand on the kitchen counter ? It’s not there every day, but it is there once or twice a week. Well, I got it. We take the dog to the beach, the dog gets soaked in sand, dog beach has a place to rinse, but dog doesn’t like getting rinsed off, we delay the agony by rinsing her back at the camper, not a problem because we have that back seat cover protector thing, car ride home is long enough for dog to shed considerable amount of sand, arrive home, rinse dog, dog enters RV sandless, we inevitably go to the grocery store, buy groceries, throw them in the back seat on top of the sand, groceries are then taken directly to the  k i t c h e n   c o u n t e r.

Gee whiz.

Now, I wipe down the counters because of bacon and sand, these among all the normal reasons.


If you love the beach like we do, then you likely do not mind sand showing up every where. When ever I’ve lived in the middle (“middle” originally referred to the middle of the country, now it also includes any non coastal living…sorry Richmond) I was never in any hurry to vacuum it out of my car after returning home from the beach. Sand on the floor mat drew stronger memories than any photo. Now that we beach daily, we get to like it in every room, it’s even on the kitchen counter (haven’t figured that out yet).  Today we walked to the south end of Siesta Key’s Crescent Beach, known for it’s sand. It takes over an hour to do it. The wall could use a little spiffing up, but here’s what you see when you get there. I highly recommend the walk, and we weren’t in any hurry to dust the world’s best sand off our legs.