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Thunder oven

We are having a pot luck brunch here at the park. I signed up for bread before I remembered that I am living in an RV. Most every RV has the same 3 burner gas stove and oven. The stove is okay, but I have serious doubts about the oven, so, I’m not gonna do any baking, unless any of you have any ideas for these little Magic Chef ovens. The heat is very uneven, there should have been a thunderstorm in there, with all the hot and cold air pockets. At this point I’d choose to replace it with a dishwasher. Of course, what good would that do, we own a total of 3 forks.

We won’t get fooled again.

learned my lesson.You’re never too old to learn. I know  it’s nice to see the great scenery and hear about how great the food is but there is the other side.  An RV is a machine that needs constant care and attention…………whether you have the time, the money, the skills, the patience or not. A million things can happen to a machine. Maintenance can help to avoid the inevitable but in the long run, stuff wears out.

The unavoidables: So we were packed and ready to go to Key West. All excited about getting back on the road. I had the truck hooked-up and we  were ready to ramble by 9. The last thing we had to do was roll in the slides. Cindy hit the switch for the living room and nothing happened. I checked it out and the motor was spinning bit the mechanism wasn’t moving so I got out the tools to see what I could do. I removed the bolts holding the motor and used a block of wood and a hammer to disconnect the motor from the shaft. The shear pin on the shaft was broken – as it was engineered to do – incase the slide gets in a bind. A 40 cent part and 3 hours labor we were ready to go.

The avoidables: My fault. Cindy and I were running errands a few weeks ago and when we pulled in the drive the low fuel light came on. The next morning we were headed to the beach and were gonna get gas on the way. The truck’s computer said we had 36 miles to go before empty – not the case.  We got about 5 miles down the road and the truck choked, then stalled. I cranked it back up and it ran long enough for us to coast into the gas station. I filled the tank but the truck wouldn’t start. Cindy read the manual while I tried to get the truck to start. After about 30 minutes I looked over at the next pump and there was Terry’s Mobile Mechanic – what luck. Terry and I re-primed the fuel system – 40 minutes later, we were on our way. An $80 fauxpas.   Of course we made a pack to never go below a quarter tank again.

Key West was great, the Everglades were incredible and had about an hour left to make it back to Sarasota. The computer said we had 60 miles left in the tank and we started to look for for a place to stop. Just before we hit the exit, the engine hiccuped —–uh oh. I got down the ramp and turned right toward the Shell station. Just as we got to the turn lane the engine stalled. I knew I didn’t want to restart it and run the system out of fuel so I let the truck coast into the turn lane, grabbed my gas can and walked across the highway to get some gas.  Since I didn’t try to restart (at least I learned something) it cranked right back up and we were on our way.

My advice is to make a checklist, read the manuals, talk to other RV’ers and most importantly don’t take any chances. Even though we had a few set backs it could have been a lot worse.

Apple stores and produce stands

Managing the business of our lives on the road is a constant work in progress. Just finding a dentist, doctor, vet, bank, post office, Apple store or various favorite standbys, like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, a produce stand,  a sundry of particular brands of nearly anything is at least a small part of almost every day’s schedule. It’s all quite worth it though.  Some necessities like the doctor or bank change whether you move around or not, it seems. And, yes, Apple Store does fall under necessities.

Two if by sea


A big part of RVing is being outside. I am a firm believer that outside air has mental and physical healing properties, the more negative ions the better. Today started with more clouds than usual, but Florida is the sunshine state, and we have patience. So, we went bike riding on the beach this morning. My quads have never pedaled me down a beach before. Patrick was looking strong, but then again, my view was from about 10 bike lengths behind him. Thankfully, he is a gentleman, and would return to nudge me on. I think a slower bike for him is in order.

If the aches reach any deeper, I’ll need an Absorbine Jr. i.v.

Tuna Melt³

The same gentleman who owns this RV park also owns one of the best restaurants in town, Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar. We have been there 3 times now, and “we” have ordered the Tuna Melt each time. Even though it’s not on the menu, Patrick has enough power of persuasion to get one every time. The tuna is the perfect, and when you melt cheese on both sides of the tomato, what you’ve got is genius on bun. We got to meet the chef, he’s the Einstein of food.  Thanks Raphael !


If there is an exception to every rule, then I need one for a definition. My definition of luck is “when preparation meets opportunity”. Well we really lucked out when we found Sarasota Sunny South, even though this RV park is in the middle of renovations. We wanted to be as close to Siesta Key as possible, we are a mere 2 miles away. Yum. The new clubhouse, laundry room, pool and bathrooms are beautiful. The new owner has a history of creating special properties in Sarasota and it’s awesome he’s chosen Sunny South for his next canvas. We love hearing all the stories. His professional and courteous staff are our newest friends.
So the exception is that we couldn’t have prepared to land in such a perfect location. But if using the RV app on our iphones counts as preparation, then I withdraw the exception request.

“Not all who wander are lost.”

Might Tolkien have had an RV ?