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Plumber’s plumbing

Upside down and inside out. You know how when you buy one, likely small, piece of furniture, you bring it home, you already know what room you want it in, you think you know exactly where it is going to be placed. You may even know that the piece already sitting there will leave the room. But, yet, somehow, when you swap them, all heck breaks out in your entire house.  Personally, I usually blame dust. But I warn you, when living in a camper, all heck can break out just by tweaking an already highly efficient and organized system. Patrick and I decided to swap closets, he gets more hanging space, and I get more shelves. I don’t like hangers. I think they are abusive to my clothes. We have no more and no less closet space, we added not one additional article of clothing but somehow, we are oozing tanks, shoes, jeans, stretchy garments and various elements of a sundry of ensembles. I’m actually a professional organizer. And I don’t think that this is a case of the plumbers plumbing, but I’ll let you know.

Minimal Cab

I love Cash Cab. It’s a game show on Discovery Channel. I’m not a game show person, but this I love. The premise of the show is if you, by chance, hail the Cash Cab while in New York City you are given the offer to play. While riding to your destination, you answer trivia questions. If you answer the first few questions correctly, you’ll win $25 each, then $50, then $100 and $200. I believe that the popularity of this show is evidence of the new minimalism. I LOVE that we get so excited for folks who are winning hundreds of dollars. Other shows are pushing thousands and millions. What are they going to do with all that money ? Keep it in the bank ? I’ll bet not.

Old and weathered

They say, ” You crave what you eat.” So, if you eat salty food, you will crave it. And if you want to stop craving something, simply replace it with something that you do want to crave. I can apply the same theory to possessions. Every house I’ve ever lived in (and one day soon, I’ll count them and let you know how many there were) inspired me to adorn it with many found items. I guess I craved old and weathered. On several occasions, in the midst of moving, someone said to me, “I can’t believe you are moving, you love your house.” To which I replied, “…and I’ll love the next one too.”  So, with this move into the RV, we chose to crave less stuff. And I can honestly say, I no longer crave old and weathered, I simply crave less.

Shell mail

Without realizing it, I started gravitating towards minimalism years ago. I’d find myself in a store and see something that I really liked, then my next thought was, “and it can stay right there.” Just because I like it, that doesn’t mean it needs to come home with me. I moved the bar on where the dividing line is between what to own and what not. I thoroughly enjoy living with the things that I adore and love. If I owned everything I simply liked, that would basically increase my time dusting. An exception may be shells from the beach. I don’t bring them home either, but I do love them, so I go as often as I can to visit them, at their house. 


3 forks, 3 spoons, 1 knife, 3 plates, 2 coffee mugs, 3 dinner plates, 1 salad plate, 2 coffee mugs and seventeen drinking glasses. Part of the decision to live in our fifth wheel full time was to only keep what we would take with us. We left a few things with some family and friends, but 99% of what we own is here in this camper.Minimalism is a great for us, we get lifestyle instead of lifestuff. We made a list of things we thought we needed to purchase. Like most of the things on that list, we still haven’t bought them. Turns out 3 forks and 3 spoons go a long way when you do not have a dishwasher. Now, the 17 glasses I’ll have to admit is my fault my postulation. Each glass has it’s own unique social position in our kitchen . And I am sticking with that story until I find suitable homes for them.