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Okay, I’m giving it a go. Posting to our blog without photos. Rather than allowing Canon and Aperture determine what we may talk about, I’ll dish directly. We’ll try words without photos, minimalism for blogs. Many folks know me for the things I create, no worries, visually I can’t be stopped. I’m also learning how to paint on digital photos, so photos are inevitable.

The Swamp

We are meeting the most amazing people here. Patrick and I notice how happy people are. Maybe people are this happy everywhere,  but in Florida, folks are outside and easier to access for us to assess their state of mind.

Today we met a very like minded couple, except for the 20 year age difference (I’ll admit Patrick and I were the seniors). Natasha and Spencer are on their way to Everglade City a.k.a. The Swamp. Their beautiful puppy, Augustus Pierre, a pug/dachshund is one of the coolest dogs we’ve met. Natasha is originally from Ireland and while spiriting her way around the US found Spencer in Utah. Now together they are creating a life driven by wanderlust. She’s keeping an illustration journal and talked about how it has affected her life. Drawing and wanderlust, I love it ! I’m very inspired, thanks Natasha !! We’ll come see you guys next month. We’re ready for The Swamp !

The last thing I sketched was Patrick fishing in Hatteras.