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Random Clinks Noise

Every state has an official bird, tree, etc. Well if every state had an official noise, Florida’s would be a rattling buzz with random clinks. Because, everyone is busy doing something. Even if they seem to be laying around in their lounge chairs soaking up sun, somehow, they have lots to do and even more to tell you that they already did today. Mostly, the events are social, “we met our friends for coffee” “we are going to the museum with our friends from the RV park that we stayed in last year” plus all the usual RV entertainment: cards, bingo, crafts, golf excursions and pot lucks (oh, and don’t forget that it’s happy hour almost any hour).  I am a self proclaimed introverted urbanite, so, it’s not entirely natural for me to keep up.  If my iphone had a CRAM Calendar app, I’d use it to try and cram all the things in a day that we try to do. It could be an App that you would list all the things that you want to do today along with all the things you have got to get done today, hit a button and the App would shedjule it all for you. And if you like the layout of the day, you could hit the AGREED button and your phone could make the Florida Rattling Buzz with Random Clinks noise. Naturally, it would blurt out the noise of whatever state you have decided to cram your day in.

Speed stories

RV parks have a very interesting culture. Before New Years, the park was about half full. We knew almost everyone’s name, and most definitely knew all the dog’s names. Then over the weekend, we got lots of new folks, from everywhere cold. You see folks chatting in various size groups, and you assume they are traveling together, or have camped together before. But no, most RV people just roll in expecting to hear everyone’s story. “Where are you from?” “What brings you here ?” “Is this your first camper?” “What’s the longest you have camped before?” “Do you play bridge?” “Do you work out?” “Do you do crafts?”  It’s kind of like speed dating, you quickly figure out who you’d like to hang out with for the next 12 weeks.

…we’ll let you know…

Round trip

A friend asked me “What are you doing?”   Her question perplexed me. She reads the blog, she has all the facts, we had lunch right before we left. So, I had to ask, “What’s throwing you?”   She quickly came back with, “Are you coming back?”  I was a little surprised, I didn’t think that I left behind any unanswered questions. I get it, she’s young, not quite half my age and none of her friends, have ever lived in a camper, probably have never considered it, and likely think they never would. I told her, “No, we are not returning to Virginia except to visit.” Seems she thought every RV trip ends where it began. I guess it’s not a round trip when it’s your house.


I’m not playing bingo in an RV park.

I’m not playing bingo in an RV park.

I’m not playing bingo in an RV park.

I’m not playing bingo in an RV park.

I’m not playing bingo in an RV park.

Plumber’s plumbing

Upside down and inside out. You know how when you buy one, likely small, piece of furniture, you bring it home, you already know what room you want it in, you think you know exactly where it is going to be placed. You may even know that the piece already sitting there will leave the room. But, yet, somehow, when you swap them, all heck breaks out in your entire house.  Personally, I usually blame dust. But I warn you, when living in a camper, all heck can break out just by tweaking an already highly efficient and organized system. Patrick and I decided to swap closets, he gets more hanging space, and I get more shelves. I don’t like hangers. I think they are abusive to my clothes. We have no more and no less closet space, we added not one additional article of clothing but somehow, we are oozing tanks, shoes, jeans, stretchy garments and various elements of a sundry of ensembles. I’m actually a professional organizer. And I don’t think that this is a case of the plumbers plumbing, but I’ll let you know.

Thunder oven

We are having a pot luck brunch here at the park. I signed up for bread before I remembered that I am living in an RV. Most every RV has the same 3 burner gas stove and oven. The stove is okay, but I have serious doubts about the oven, so, I’m not gonna do any baking, unless any of you have any ideas for these little Magic Chef ovens. The heat is very uneven, there should have been a thunderstorm in there, with all the hot and cold air pockets. At this point I’d choose to replace it with a dishwasher. Of course, what good would that do, we own a total of 3 forks.

Harp in

What’s in your camper ? I thought the fact that we have brought Helen along with us was pushing the limits. oh…Helen is my dress form, she’s available for fittings, modeling and zhujjing (see my website for further explanation). We’ve heard about folks who travel with various musical instruments, not so odd, but apparently here in this park last season, there was a lady who was traveling with her harp. Wow. Where on earth would you put it while you are going down the road. How could you possibly strap it down enough to not sweat it out every time you slam on brakes because someone who has never driven a camper before dives in front of you. Based on the condition of the groceries in our fridge after a road trip, I’m thinking the only way to travel with a harp is to have one built in.

Solved debris

Is it possible to be this excited about a trash can ? I don’t think that I would have predicted it…here I am in the autumn of my forties and proud of many accomplishments. And I can tell you that none of these achievements involved any Rubbermaid products. But today I found one that fits perfectly in the only place a trash can can go in our kitchen. And to top it off, my euphoria lead me to set up a recycling center for us.  Who knows where all this optimum organization may lead. I’ll let you know next time I try to find the scissors.

Worth it

Today, we headed up to Clearwater Beach for our first of 2 Thanksgiving dinners, 3 if you count the pot luck we are having here at the park on Friday. We took the beach road, of course by doing that it took much longer to get there and of course it was worth it. Between St. Petersburg Beach and Clearwater Beach are miles of great beach villages. I think I actually got a crick in my neck, trying to gaze into all the open air restaurants with patios.

Laws of gravity

Oddly, it turns out, it’s hard to remember that we live in an RV. For us, it felt like home immediately and there has been no obstacle in adapting to this lifestyle. We knew we wanted to spend this winter in Florida, specifically Sarasota. We found this great RV park, we’ve made great friends and short of managing black and gray water tanks, our life is as comfortable, if not more, as living in a rooted abode. I can’t even say that there is any discomfort in having to manage the water tanks, but if you go to release the black water tank and nothing happens, well some discomfort sets in. The issue is easily solved, but nonetheless, in a system where we are relying on the laws of gravity to send our poop down a 10 foot hose, well, Newton had no idea what some of the specific demands of his new insight would be.