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Cool dogs

A cool, 79°, evening at the dog beach. 

Luna for the birds.

Honestly, we’ve got it bad. Someone should be paying us. I mean, come on, this is work. We show up at least 5 days a week, we work well with others, we face up to our mistakes, we come through in a crisis, we are appropriately dressed, we use proper etiquette and most importantly… the job gets done. Job one, chasing birds. Granted, Patrick and I simply manage the operation, Luna is the talent here. Okay, okay, Patrick manages the operation. I’m more of an office…(beach)chair…with my Over-Board water proof iphone in hand to document, comment and support the big cheese. You spell out an operation like this on paper, and I’m thinking it should draw something somewhere in the six digits. Luna has her needs.

Off the leash.

When you cross over the Wright Brothers Memorial bridge in Currituck County, NC, you land in Kitty Hawk, more popularly known as part of the Outer Banks. Still hard for me to say “ow·tur·banks”,  growing up, it was all Nags Head. I still think that the guy who started those OBX stickers renamed it years earlier as part of his secret plan.

a  n  y  w  a  y

Patrick and I love all beaches, but you know what Owturbanks ? your new dog leash enforcement sucks. Not only do we have to beach under those laws (oh, I should mention that from here forward in this blog, beach can and will be used as a verb as needed) we have to endure all the stray people who feel the need to run over to you and warn you about the law and have some dramatic story about how some Europeans were playing on the beach with their dog, they could hardly speak english and were handed a $200 ticket without understanding what it was for.     Huh ?

So, we have found our solution, the dog beach in Sarasota County, where dogs are free to run over everyone’s beach towels, pee on any and all tote bags and poop in the water if they like and best of all they swim off their leash.

This is Luna’s new friend Skye. Skye loves to carry her mom’s water bottle. She’ll swim for it if you throw it, but mostly she just wants to hold it.