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Zip Codes

Between the two of us, we have lived in nearly five dozen different cities and quadruple the zip codes. Moving around feels better than landing and staying put, probably part of the wanderlust. Living in different cities, is better than vacationing in them. We want to talk about the tourists, not be one.

We particularly like to get off of the main roads and cut through the neighborhoods, by car or by bike, to drink in the local architecture. Every town has it’s own unique building styles. Down here, we love the Key West style houses. Now, to our surprise, we’ve added a new flavor – modern. The modern houses in this area are superb. Here’s a gulf front house over on Boca Grande. 

Kayak patch

Speaking of scout patches, I was never in the scouts, but with all the new doors opening lately, if I walk through any of them, I want a patch. We went to Boca Grande an island not too far south of us. This was only the second time I’ve been in a kayak. And yes, clearly the water is easily navigable, even so, I want my patch.