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Random Clinks Noise

Every state has an official bird, tree, etc. Well if every state had an official noise, Florida’s would be a rattling buzz with random clinks. Because, everyone is busy doing something. Even if they seem to be laying around in their lounge chairs soaking up sun, somehow, they have lots to do and even more to tell you that they already did today. Mostly, the events are social, “we met our friends for coffee” “we are going to the museum with our friends from the RV park that we stayed in last year” plus all the usual RV entertainment: cards, bingo, crafts, golf excursions and pot lucks (oh, and don’t forget that it’s happy hour almost any hour).  I am a self proclaimed introverted urbanite, so, it’s not entirely natural for me to keep up.  If my iphone had a CRAM Calendar app, I’d use it to try and cram all the things in a day that we try to do. It could be an App that you would list all the things that you want to do today along with all the things you have got to get done today, hit a button and the App would shedjule it all for you. And if you like the layout of the day, you could hit the AGREED button and your phone could make the Florida Rattling Buzz with Random Clinks noise. Naturally, it would blurt out the noise of whatever state you have decided to cram your day in.