Endless RV Summer

Chasing the sun.

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In the interest of honoring the name of our blog, I have to be honest, we are not having summer weather here. I feel obligated to admit that we are unreasonably cold. 60° never felt this bad. You laugh ! Although, I did say ‘unreasonable’ didn’t I?  A few years ago, while still living in Virginia, I said, “We’ve had Christmas, we’ve had a snow, I’m done with winter.”  At that time, I was gently reminded I said that every year. As if repetition compromises the veracity of the claim. Well, we haven’t had Christmas or snow and I’m done.

Should be back in the 70’s in a couple of days, I’ll hang on. Thank you for your tidings and good will.

Old and weathered

They say, ” You crave what you eat.” So, if you eat salty food, you will crave it. And if you want to stop craving something, simply replace it with something that you do want to crave. I can apply the same theory to possessions. Every house I’ve ever lived in (and one day soon, I’ll count them and let you know how many there were) inspired me to adorn it with many found items. I guess I craved old and weathered. On several occasions, in the midst of moving, someone said to me, “I can’t believe you are moving, you love your house.” To which I replied, “…and I’ll love the next one too.”  So, with this move into the RV, we chose to crave less stuff. And I can honestly say, I no longer crave old and weathered, I simply crave less.

Why did the chicken walk the narrow road ?

Key West. Yep, we went to Key West today. This is what I want to know, who went there and said, “Let’s put a whole bunch of stuff on this little island” and “Let’s let the chickens run around where ever they want” and “Give those six toed cats to the writer guy” and “Be sure to make the roads narrow.” Maybe it was one of Jimmy Buffet’s ancestors. It is an one off place. Conformity is not rampant, so when I caught a glimpse of someone trying to get their mandevilla vine to grow in a square, I wanted to document it. Now, Jimmy can say, “All our tropical vines will be linear.” And nonconformity can prevail.

Gull Key

We finally got here. The  rv park is on Grassy Key. I think someone was gulled, we haven’t seen a whole lot of grass, but the tropical flora here is outstanding. There are more keys than I realized – Conch Key, Long Key, Boot Key, Fiesta Key, Torch Key, Sugarloaf Key and many more. We are at MM58. So, the drive to Key West will be about an hour of Keys, Coral, and Palms.

Batten the kitchen

We are hitting the road on Monday. I have to admit we never really addressed some of the issues that go along with hitting the road. Primarily, the dishes. Yes, we only have a few, but they are all breakable. To expound on this, I need to mention that our fifth wheel has a rear kitchen, meaning that the kitchen is at the very back of the camper. More meaning  →   anything beyond the rear axle bounces up and down like a golden retriever’s head when you shake a tennis ball in front of him. Tomorrow we’ll batten down the kitchen.

Private bakery

…I’m thinking maybe we should have one of these installed in our camper, hmmmmm