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Shoving foot longs

Today’s anomaly – we found that when the weather will not allow bathing suits and flip flops and instead requires windbreakers and fingerless gloves, turns out the gulf spits shells at you. It’s great! I know that our minimalist lifestyle usually has us leaving shells where we find them, but today, Mother Nature told the Gulf of Mexico to shove a foot long conch in our path. We felt the notion to obey whatever command this symbolized and took it home. Biggest conch I’ve ever seen. And I promise that should I ever feel the need to purge it, I will return it to the sands of the dog beach instead of selling it at a yard sale.

Sand man

72 vs 82

82 – windows closed, AC

72 – windows open, fresh breeze.

82 – shorts, flip flops

72 – jeans, boots

82 – seek shade

72 – seek sun

82 – dinner on the grill

72 – pot of soup in the kitchen

82 – Siesta Key beach is packed

72 – Siesta Key beach is packed (yeah, that one doesn’t change)

I love this about Florida. The folks on the local news are actually apologizing to the tourists for the chilly temps. They also admit how nutty it is that we think it’s cold. It’s incredible how quickly we have acclimated to the sub tropics.



Dear Al Roker, is it a coincidence that when NBC bought The Weather Channel for you that they stopped actually doing weather? If it isn’t some Storm Riding Chaser Story, then it is something about “it could happen tomorrow”. Well you know what will happen tomorrow? The weather. And in a world not too long ago, I could just turn on the tv and find out what kind of weather there would be in my neck of the woods. TWC dangles their “Local on the 8’s” carrot, then when we go for it, there’s some random story about a storm that happened somewhere I never lived, maybe even before I was born. But, look ! at the clock, big hand is on the 8!  big hand is on the 8!       …..Ya know, it’s probably me not you. Actually, it is me, because I now live in the land of large doses of sunshine. And if I need reassurance every 10 minutes that tomorrow is going to be a sun drenched 72 instead of a sun soaked 82, then that’s okay, when you are busy, I’ll get it from my iphone. I’ll catch you next time.

Gull Key

We finally got here. The  rv park is on Grassy Key. I think someone was gulled, we haven’t seen a whole lot of grass, but the tropical flora here is outstanding. There are more keys than I realized – Conch Key, Long Key, Boot Key, Fiesta Key, Torch Key, Sugarloaf Key and many more. We are at MM58. So, the drive to Key West will be about an hour of Keys, Coral, and Palms.

Since 1925

Cool old apartment sign at Indian Shores Beach. 

Siesta Sky

Two if by sea


A big part of RVing is being outside. I am a firm believer that outside air has mental and physical healing properties, the more negative ions the better. Today started with more clouds than usual, but Florida is the sunshine state, and we have patience. So, we went bike riding on the beach this morning. My quads have never pedaled me down a beach before. Patrick was looking strong, but then again, my view was from about 10 bike lengths behind him. Thankfully, he is a gentleman, and would return to nudge me on. I think a slower bike for him is in order.

If the aches reach any deeper, I’ll need an Absorbine Jr. i.v.

Charlottesville, North Carolina

Growing up in Richmond, I always heard people saying we were in the perfect location. I met people who deliberately moved there because of the proximity to the mountains, the beach, DC, etc. I, myself, was never attracted to the mountains, it feels closed in up there, like wearing blinders. For me, the more sky the better. Although Charlottesville is a fabulous town, at least I didn’t have to cross over a mountain to get to it.  Like so many others, I fell for the beaches. Years ago, I threw out an offer to the civil engineer gods, “if you put Charlottesville where Elizabeth City is, that’d be great, thanks !” Perhaps, I should have approached the Copy and Paste gods, that way the Piedmont of Virginia could keep the original.

It doesn’t matter now, we have discovered Sarasota. 


Siesta Key sky

Siesta Key Sky