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Thanks for reading our blog, we had a great 2010.

Shoving foot longs

Today’s anomaly – we found that when the weather will not allow bathing suits and flip flops and instead requires windbreakers and fingerless gloves, turns out the gulf spits shells at you. It’s great! I know that our minimalist lifestyle usually has us leaving shells where we find them, but today, Mother Nature told the Gulf of Mexico to shove a foot long conch in our path. We felt the notion to obey whatever command this symbolized and took it home. Biggest conch I’ve ever seen. And I promise that should I ever feel the need to purge it, I will return it to the sands of the dog beach instead of selling it at a yard sale.


So, apparently in April 1982 the Keys threatened to secede from the Union to form the Conch Republic. They had good reason, odd that I feel the need to defend behavior, of any kind, occurring in the Keys, but this is how I understand it. The United States Border Patrol set up a blockade just north of the Keys, blocking the only road to Florida mainland. Residents of the Keys had to prove their U.S. citizenship before being allowed to pass. This was insulting, portraying the Keys residents as non US citizens, it was also crushing the tourism. The Mayor went to Federal Court in Miami to seek an injunction. Upon being denied, he proclaimed to reporters that the Keys would secede from the Union.

Mayor Wardlow declared aloud that the Conch Republic was now independent, then symbolically began the Conch Republic’s Civil Rebellion by arming a gentleman with Cuban bread, who proceeded to break it over someone’s head. After minutes of rebellion, desiring no more crumbshed the now, Prime Minister Wardlow surrendered to the Union Forces.

Patrick and I were headed home last night, it was chilly, we were hungry and in unfamiliar beach territory. The glowing neons signs of a restaurant called The Conch Republic drew us in. The smoked Amberjack fish and prime rib quesadillas were great. Who knew we would be drawn in to a slice of history that would cause people to name restaurants about it over 400 miles away.

Palm balls

Florida may not be the only place you find huge Christmas balls hanging from palm trees,

but Floridians do a great job of embracing the holiday.

Why did the chicken walk the narrow road ?

Key West. Yep, we went to Key West today. This is what I want to know, who went there and said, “Let’s put a whole bunch of stuff on this little island” and “Let’s let the chickens run around where ever they want” and “Give those six toed cats to the writer guy” and “Be sure to make the roads narrow.” Maybe it was one of Jimmy Buffet’s ancestors. It is an one off place. Conformity is not rampant, so when I caught a glimpse of someone trying to get their mandevilla vine to grow in a square, I wanted to document it. Now, Jimmy can say, “All our tropical vines will be linear.” And nonconformity can prevail.

Blazing Sarasota

The Chalk Festival in downtown Sarasota was today. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed artists working under such extreme conditions. If the only issue was crawling around the road on your knees or having the public at large hovering over you that would be enough. But it is still hot down here, especially hot on asphalt, and the possibility of just a wisp of the breeze was unrealistic with so many onlookers.  We enjoyed the event, then we headed over to Siesta Village for lunch, outside on a patio with the cool gulf air washing over us.

I get around…………..

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I am a big fan of old cars especially ’60’s and ’70’s muscle cars. I like to watch the Barrett-Jackson auction just to see what those old cars that I could buy for $300 sell for now. It’s amazing that the cars that we drove to high school are now selling in the 6 digits. I watched a ’70 Superbird, just like  a buddy of mine bought in Mojave, CA for 3 grand, sell for $140,000. Later that day, in Sarasota……………………………….

So cool, you can eat off the lawn.

Self expression in Florida is rampant, unfortunately a lot of it ends up on the news. But the best of it is often in the flora. Such great architecture deserves great landscaping. We were on Anna Maria Island and saw this. I’ve had lots of great ideas at all of my houses. But even when I had an abundance of various cool plates, I didn’t think of this.