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Plumber’s plumbing

Upside down and inside out. You know how when you buy one, likely small, piece of furniture, you bring it home, you already know what room you want it in, you think you know exactly where it is going to be placed. You may even know that the piece already sitting there will leave the room. But, yet, somehow, when you swap them, all heck breaks out in your entire house.  Personally, I usually blame dust. But I warn you, when living in a camper, all heck can break out just by tweaking an already highly efficient and organized system. Patrick and I decided to swap closets, he gets more hanging space, and I get more shelves. I don’t like hangers. I think they are abusive to my clothes. We have no more and no less closet space, we added not one additional article of clothing but somehow, we are oozing tanks, shoes, jeans, stretchy garments and various elements of a sundry of ensembles. I’m actually a professional organizer. And I don’t think that this is a case of the plumbers plumbing, but I’ll let you know.

Harp in

What’s in your camper ? I thought the fact that we have brought Helen along with us was pushing the limits. oh…Helen is my dress form, she’s available for fittings, modeling and zhujjing (see my website for further explanation). We’ve heard about folks who travel with various musical instruments, not so odd, but apparently here in this park last season, there was a lady who was traveling with her harp. Wow. Where on earth would you put it while you are going down the road. How could you possibly strap it down enough to not sweat it out every time you slam on brakes because someone who has never driven a camper before dives in front of you. Based on the condition of the groceries in our fridge after a road trip, I’m thinking the only way to travel with a harp is to have one built in.

Solved debris

Is it possible to be this excited about a trash can ? I don’t think that I would have predicted it…here I am in the autumn of my forties and proud of many accomplishments. And I can tell you that none of these achievements involved any Rubbermaid products. But today I found one that fits perfectly in the only place a trash can can go in our kitchen. And to top it off, my euphoria lead me to set up a recycling center for us.  Who knows where all this optimum organization may lead. I’ll let you know next time I try to find the scissors.

Laws of gravity

Oddly, it turns out, it’s hard to remember that we live in an RV. For us, it felt like home immediately and there has been no obstacle in adapting to this lifestyle. We knew we wanted to spend this winter in Florida, specifically Sarasota. We found this great RV park, we’ve made great friends and short of managing black and gray water tanks, our life is as comfortable, if not more, as living in a rooted abode. I can’t even say that there is any discomfort in having to manage the water tanks, but if you go to release the black water tank and nothing happens, well some discomfort sets in. The issue is easily solved, but nonetheless, in a system where we are relying on the laws of gravity to send our poop down a 10 foot hose, well, Newton had no idea what some of the specific demands of his new insight would be.

Inside and out

We just found out that Newmar isn’t going to make the Cypress anymore. Or maybe, they are just changing the name. We researched and pounded the pavement for this camper. And one thing we were repeatedly faced with was unflattering graphics, I’m trying to be tactful. Okay, why are RV manufacturers compelled to put nauseated cats on the side of such a cool conveyance, okay less tact there. And if it’s not some feline, then it’s lightning bolts and other abstract stickers. Somehow, we lucked out, we fell for a fifth wheel that had, by far, our favorite insignia. Our Cypress tree is outstanding. And now, Newmar plans on leaving our tree behind. We love our Cypress, inside and out. 

Nesting places

So, our living room is doubling for my studio…studio by day and living room by night. The dividing line between living room and kitchen is vague, but to this point that hasn’t hindered meals nor sweaters. Existing in an RV full time in some ways seems more efficient than a house. In an RV they have storage of all kinds in every shape, in a house most rooms are empty and you are on your own for organizing all your crap. Yessss, I called it crap, because it does seem that when items sit around long enough without a nesting place, I quickly designate them as crap.

Black water

Okay we’ve got to talk about it. If we don’t, then I’ve got more trips to Walmart in my future. And I’d really appreciate it if I never went back in one. Walmart sucks. But sadly, they carry RV toilet paper. Sorry, I warned you (a little). RV toilet paper breaks down in the black water tank. You can buy it at Camping World and any RV supply store and unfortunately…Walmart. But we are not near a Camping World and the RV supply store near here has limited hours. So, does anyone know if we can use a normal brand, maybe like, Angel Soft ? Angel Soft says “septic safe”. Even when I lived with a septic tank, I didn’t use safe toilet paper. But when you need your black water to flow smoothly and swiftly motivation runs high, high enough to beg for some toilet paper insight.

Oh black water, keep on flowing, Sarasota moon won’t you keep on shining on me….

Clean laundry

If you visited the about page of my website, at some point , I admitted, “I don’t mind doing laundry because it’s quality time spent with my clothes.”

I can clarify this further now that I live in a camper.

I don’t mind doing laundry, when I have a washer and dryer, under the same roof that I sleep. And I’m pretty sure that when I said “time spent with my clothes” I did mean “time spent with my clean clothes.”

Even though the laundry room here at Sarasota Sunny South is the nicest one I’ve ever been in, I would still prefer to do laundry in our home.

When we were hunting for a fifth wheel, a washer hook up was not a priority. Well, now it is.

We are lucky we accidentally selected a camper that has them.

Thank goodness we have those hook ups. Now we just need to hook something up to them.

Old and weathered

They say, ” You crave what you eat.” So, if you eat salty food, you will crave it. And if you want to stop craving something, simply replace it with something that you do want to crave. I can apply the same theory to possessions. Every house I’ve ever lived in (and one day soon, I’ll count them and let you know how many there were) inspired me to adorn it with many found items. I guess I craved old and weathered. On several occasions, in the midst of moving, someone said to me, “I can’t believe you are moving, you love your house.” To which I replied, “…and I’ll love the next one too.”  So, with this move into the RV, we chose to crave less stuff. And I can honestly say, I no longer crave old and weathered, I simply crave less.

Without cheeze

We worked hard to find this fifth wheel. Studying floor plans, considering features, understanding structural components, were all a part of the preparation for getting in the car and scouring the mid-atlantic dealer inventories. Naturally, it is easy to get hung up on aesthetics. After stepping into the first dozen or so, we knew we needed to know more. If the hinges on the storage were cheezy, then what else was cheezy. If you want to keep it for a long time and use it frequently then you should look past the fireplace and the under mount sink and find out what is beneath the floor and behind the wallpaper. Taz at Rolling Hills RV helped us figure it all out and put us in our fab fifth wheel.