Endless RV Summer

Chasing the sun.


Facebook started it.  Kudos to them, they have enough sway to bring together a self employed urban unsocialite and an unrequited intellectual.

But what Facebook can’t do, is help you decide if you ever want to see someone again. Eager and persistent questioning that took place in a 1966 Aristocrat travel trailer plus a bottle of pinot grigio equals the first date that never ended. As Patrick puts it, “I invited Cindy over for dinner and she never left”.

All good, but does anyone master the merging of stuff with their ego in tact ? Patrick’s furniture was “above average” says Cindy. But above average does not a living room make. So they found themselves in a lovely furniture store, surrounded by the smell of leather, plush sectionals and the persistent sounds of a sales lady who couldn’t have sold them a free sofa. They looked at each other and knew, “this isn’t it”. But what was ?

A lucrative yard sale drew the attention of an estate liquidator. Stuff simply flowed away. It had it’s own momentum, it was meant to be. Like the saying, “When you decide what you truly want, the world conspires to give it to you.”

The ’66 Aristocrat had to go, but that’s okay, it helped pave the way to a Newmar Cypress fifth wheel and the only plan was to head east out of the driveway….

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