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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Garden spot

Florida has a reputation. Exactly what that reputation is, would depend on who you ask. I know people who regard the entire state as unvisitable. And that is without ever having visited. Well, I have completely fallen in love with the west coast of Florida.  So, with this post, I am divulging the decision to become a Western Floribbean, trading in a RV lifestyle for a beach. You have likely noticed how much time is spent with the sand between my toes. So, I want the gulf coast in my daily life. Packing the car, a beach bag and cooler is for tourists. My soul has become a local, it’s time my body catch up. Moving to a small house across the street from the beach, falling asleep to the sounds of the water, birds and palms is a solace that I will never take for granted.

Thank you for coming along.  My mind has been busy putting this puzzle together. I have found all the corners of the puzzle and most every piece of the edge, now it’s time to fill it in.

This is the garden spot of the earth.