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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Palm balls

Florida may not be the only place you find huge Christmas balls hanging from palm trees,

but Floridians do a great job of embracing the holiday.

Charming Carbs

Three times the charm. Or more accurately, three times the carbs. Today is our 3rd and final Thanksgiving meal for the 2010 Thanksgiving Holiday season. This one is a pot luck here at the park. I am bringing something that I usually contribute to Thanksgivings in Virginia. Recipe for you here:

Cabbage Salad

  • 6 cups of shredded cabbage
  • 4 green onions, chopped
  • 1/2 cup toasted sunflower kernels
  • 1/2 cup sliced almonds
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 tablespoons vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 pkg chicken flavored Ramen noodles

Make the dressing by mixing the oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and the ramen chicken seasoning packet. Mix the nuts, onions and cabbage together. Pour the dressing onto the cabbage and toss evenly. Garnish with the uncooked noodles, if desired.


  • I use apple cider vinegar.
  • I toast the almonds in oil and butter.
  • The noodles will absorb the dressing and get soggy, so I suggest crumbling them into a bowl on the side, for each person to garnish their individual serving.

Greek Salad Hall of Fame

What a great boat ride in Tarpon Springs. Our endless desire for all things warm and coastal occasionally gets a thorough quenching like our Thanksgiving Eve ride in the Tarpon Bayou. I learned that a 4 stroke motor on your boat makes for a pleasantly quiet ride. We cruised by all the restaurants and sponge docks by boat, then went back, jumped in the car and went to eat at one of the dozens of Greek restaurants in this very Greek town. I’ve had Greek salads in countless places up and down the east coast, but this is the only place I know of that puts, okay…..are you ready ? for this ?…. potato salad on the bottom of the bowl before they throw the salad on top. Well ? let me think about that, while I jot down this note.  “Remember to thank Joe’s Inn (on Shield’s, sorry Bon Air) for making such an awesome Greek salad.”

The photo is of the seafood place across the water from all the Greek places. To my knowledge they are not vying for a place in my Greek salad hall of fame.

Herding tupperware

Good ole Whole Foods. In the early days of reusable bags, I bought several from them. They did then and they do now have the coolest ones (well, I’ve got to give props to Trader Joe’s). We are heading out of town and overnight for our 2nd Thanksgiving dinner. And due to our minimalist existence, we do not have overnight bags or luggage, not even a duffle. So, we packed our things into the Whole Foods bags. I own more bags than I would ever use at once for groceries, so uses other than food shopping have been the status quo…beach bag, shoe bag (like the ones you get with expensive shoes), knitting and sewing projects, storage for hard to herd tupperware and storage for all the other bags that I can’t throw away.


Cool dogs

A cool, 79°, evening at the dog beach. 

Solved debris

Is it possible to be this excited about a trash can ? I don’t think that I would have predicted it…here I am in the autumn of my forties and proud of many accomplishments. And I can tell you that none of these achievements involved any Rubbermaid products. But today I found one that fits perfectly in the only place a trash can can go in our kitchen. And to top it off, my euphoria lead me to set up a recycling center for us.  Who knows where all this optimum organization may lead. I’ll let you know next time I try to find the scissors.

Worth it

Today, we headed up to Clearwater Beach for our first of 2 Thanksgiving dinners, 3 if you count the pot luck we are having here at the park on Friday. We took the beach road, of course by doing that it took much longer to get there and of course it was worth it. Between St. Petersburg Beach and Clearwater Beach are miles of great beach villages. I think I actually got a crick in my neck, trying to gaze into all the open air restaurants with patios.

Laws of gravity

Oddly, it turns out, it’s hard to remember that we live in an RV. For us, it felt like home immediately and there has been no obstacle in adapting to this lifestyle. We knew we wanted to spend this winter in Florida, specifically Sarasota. We found this great RV park, we’ve made great friends and short of managing black and gray water tanks, our life is as comfortable, if not more, as living in a rooted abode. I can’t even say that there is any discomfort in having to manage the water tanks, but if you go to release the black water tank and nothing happens, well some discomfort sets in. The issue is easily solved, but nonetheless, in a system where we are relying on the laws of gravity to send our poop down a 10 foot hose, well, Newton had no idea what some of the specific demands of his new insight would be.

Inside and out

We just found out that Newmar isn’t going to make the Cypress anymore. Or maybe, they are just changing the name. We researched and pounded the pavement for this camper. And one thing we were repeatedly faced with was unflattering graphics, I’m trying to be tactful. Okay, why are RV manufacturers compelled to put nauseated cats on the side of such a cool conveyance, okay less tact there. And if it’s not some feline, then it’s lightning bolts and other abstract stickers. Somehow, we lucked out, we fell for a fifth wheel that had, by far, our favorite insignia. Our Cypress tree is outstanding. And now, Newmar plans on leaving our tree behind. We love our Cypress, inside and out. 

Wild animals, busted wheels and bounced letters

In 1860, in an ad for the Pony Express, they proudly offered mail delivery from New York to San Francisco in 10 days. You already know where I am going, don’t you? What on earth ? literally…what on earth is it that hinders the postal service these days. I realize that if you translate the Pony Express fees into today’s money, it would cost us $80 to send a letter. But actually, the point isn’t that this was an extravagant service, the point is that they got it done. Maybe I shouldn’t be impressed. Perhaps all those people wandering around in their covered wagons, waiting for a letter, had the same complaint that I do, “you’ve got to be kidding me, it’s bad enough that I’m out here fighting off wild animals and repairing busted wheels but does the local PE station have to bounce my letter, too?” Living in an RV does make mail a pain. For now, we are lucky that Sarasota Sunny South provides a mail box for us. But that only solves half the problem.